What is a Sexologist?

Sexology is the interdisciplinary study of human sexuality. Specifically, it’s “the field of study devoted to the acquisition of knowledge concerning sexual behavior in all of its aspects. This undertaking is made more unique and interesting because of the multidisciplinary nature of this inquiry. While a unique discipline itself, Sexology […]

On Reclaiming the Word Psychic

The word psychic is so charged in our society and when I become emperor that’s all going to change. So much of what people think of as a psychic involves this very ridiculous image of a man or a woman in a circus-like setting, with all the Gypsy attire, the […]

Sarah Smiles, Or, Turning Fear into Love

A few ago I said goodbye to five different girlfriends in about twenty-four months’ time. They all passed from completely different causes, all were young, and one left behind two young children. To summarize: mediums are not spared grief. But perhaps our work gives us more familiarity with the probability […]

The Skeptical Medium

I’ve recently returned to the East Coast after a dozen years in California, and as I talk to a lot of people in New York about my mediumship, people will often tell me they’re skeptical about the whole idea of being able to communicate with loved ones who have crossed […]